This Naked Mind by Annie Grace

This Naked Mind offers a completely new solution and shares Annie's own candid journey to sobriety.  It will open your eyes to the cultural, social and industry factors that encourage widespread alcohol dependence.  Why, in our culture, is alcohol the only drug you have to justify NOT taking?

With logic, humour and the latest scientific research, Annie Grace offers a positive, permanent path to freedom from alcohol - and the life you have been waiting for.

The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace


The Alcohol Experiment shows a new way of thinking and offers a 30-day program with a difference.  It asks you to look closer at why you drink, what you get out of it and whether it's really the alcohol that's giving you what you want.


Alcohol Explained by William Porter

Alcohol Explained is the definitive, ground-breaking guide to alcohol and alcoholism.  It explains how alcohol affects human beings on a chemical, physiological and psychological level, from those first drinks right up to chronic alcoholism.  Alcoholism and problem drinking seems illogical to those on the outside, indeed it is equally perplexing for the alcoholic or problem drinker. 

This book provides a logical, easy to follow explanation of the phenomenon and detailed instructions on how to beat it.  Despite being scientific and factual in nature the book is presented in an accessible and easily understandable format.

Alcohol Explained 2 by William Porter

This second volume covers in more detail the tools you need to not only become sober, but to remain sober over the long term.

William Porter provides an entirely new way of seeing alcohol, sobriety, moderate drinking and recovery, and in doing so provides a complete worldview of drinking that will redefine your relationship with alcohol for good.