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Get ready to start living without alcohol holding you back

Do you want to wake up every single morning after a night of restful sleep, full of energy and ready to start your day?  Do you want to be truly present for all those little moments with your kids?  Do you want to be clear headed, alert and ready to take on the day's hard work?

Not only is this possible, you can EXPECT this to happen once alcohol is out of your system and you have given your body and mind the time it needs to repair and heal itself. 

Here's just some of the great things that can happen when you quit drinking alcohol:

  • say goodbye to hangovers forever
  • let go of the guilt, shame and regret
  • stop the self-judgement and horrible self-talk
  • have better relationships with your kids, partner and loved ones because you are fully present
  • wake up every morning feeling amazing
  • find the energy, motivation and zest for life you thought you'd lost forever
  • sleep, glorious sleep
  • reconnect with who you really are, the person you were before alcohol took control
  • and still have a great social life

The Discovery Circle Quit Drinking program is for you if:

  • you have tried in the past to give up or cut down
  • you have found it difficult to go without alcohol for more than a few days
  • you want to quit drinking for a short break, a month or two, or longer
  • you are starting to question how much you are drinking
  • you have googled "Am I an Alcoholic?"
  • you feel ashamed or guilty about your behaviour when you are drinking
  • your friends and family have called you out and told you to quit drinking
  • you pretty much always get presents of alcohol or things related to booze
  • your kids have asked you not to drink, or have drawn pictures of you drinking
  • you can't wait to get to the end of the day to relax with a drink
  • you are questioning whether 'mummy wine culture' really is serving you
  • you are ready to try not drinking for 30 days and to discover how that is for you
  • you have found your way here and are reading this list
  • you could add to your own list of reasons why this Quit Drinking program is for you

 This one decision will positively affect EVERY part of your life. 

You can do this!


Imagine a program that fully supports you on your journey.  A program that understands the lifestyle of being in the bush, rural communities and small towns.

Imagine long lasting change.  It's time to transform your life, starting today. 

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I'm Noelene, nice to meet you!

I'm a country girl at heart, hailing from the Midlands in Tasmania, and now Iiving on the stunning south coast of WA.

My life's been quite the adventure, with plenty of good times, but with lots of loss, heartache and just plain old tough times along the way too. 

Alcohol became my pain killer, numbing me from everything around me - the bad and the good.  I had an on again, off again drinking career spanning two decades.  I tried many times to control alcohol, rather than allowing alcohol to control me. 

Two years ago I finally found the solution.  This Naked Mind, developed by Annie Grace, has literally changed my life. So much so that I trained as a Certified Coach.  

This is the method I used to quit drinking and now I have tailored it just for those of us living in rural, regional and remote Australia.

"I can still drink if I want, but I simply choose not to."  
That is true freedom.

Build new habits without willpower

Instead of forcing yourself to cut back or give up alcohol, feeling like you are fighting an uphill battle and relying solely on willpower, I will give you a hand up, gently pulling you forward and helping you to avoid mistakes along the way.

You'll learn the science behind the addictive substance that alcohol is, how it controls your body and your mind, and why it is not your fault.

You've probably already tried to cut back or quit drinking, but haven't been able to without feeling deprived, miserable or just plain fed up.  We'll explore where these feelings come from and why our Aussie drinking culture has set us up to fail, and what you can do about it.

Have you set limits around how much you drink, and then something stressful happens and suddenly you are back in your old routine, but probably drinking more than before you set those limits?  Let me show the psychology around stressful drinking and how to turn it around.  As you practice your new habits and momentum builds and grows, old habits die and your new routines become second nature.

Worried about confidentiality?  Don't be.

Our Quit Drinking program is designed with discretion.

We know how small rural Australia can feel, so rest assured you can join anonymously while still getting full support. 

Set your own password to access your private learning space.  Stay anonymous in the Discovery Circle Community by simply changing your username. You don't need to add a photo or personal details if you don't want to.  We don't use Facebook. 

Discovery Circle Quit Drinking Program

3 month online program designed especially for rural, remote and regional Australians.  Work through the modules at your own pace using your desktop, mobile or device. 

You won't be alone though - get support from Noelene in the private community (yes, you can join anonymously),
or send your questions in to be answered in the live weekly Q&A sessions.

Just $197.00 per month for 3 months

(That's less than a bottle of wine a day) 

If you need longer than 3 months to work your way through the program, no problem, stay in the Community for as long as you like for $77.00 per month.  You won't be left alone.



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Three important stages you will step through:

1.  Knowledge

A rational, simple, science-based approach

Learn the very simple and easy to understand science behind alcohol.  You'll discover why alcohol is addictive, why you have cravings and how to handle them.  You will build your own set of tools and tactics to handle any situation and all the ups and downs of life without having to rely on alcohol.  You'll discover why the marketing behind alcohol is so strong, and how to get past the pressure the Aussie drinking culture puts on us.

2.  Emotion

Change your thoughts, change your emotions

Explore the intense relationship between alcohol and the emotions we associate with drinking: fun, happiness, stress-relief, friendship, intimacy and relaxation.  You will take a good hard look at the issues that drove you to drink in the first place, get clear on the root causes and learn a new way of thinking. Learn the psychology behind why you want to drink, and what to do about it.

3.  Action

This is where the quit drinking 'magic' happens

Once you have learnt the truth about alcohol and how it affects your body and your emotions, then you can move forward without shame, guilt, labels, pain, or having to put strict rules on yourself.  You will make your own decision about whether you want to quit drinking, cut down or just take a short break.  That is your decision to make.  You will never again have to feel like you are missing out as you will have the tools to support whatever action you decide to take.

When we are gently pulled in the right direction, 
true and lasting change becomes possible.

Discovery Circle Quit Drinking

3 month program includes:


  • Exclusive access to the Discovery Circle Quit Drinking program developed specifically for rural, remote and regional Australians
  • A logical, step-by-step process to guide you through the next 3 months and beyond
  • Secure access to your own easy to use learning platform - work at your own pace
  • Videos, transcripts, writing exercises and activities to cement what you are learning
  • Tools and tips that you can use anytime that you have a craving or want to drink
  • Strategies for overcoming any of life's up and downs without reaching for alcohol
  • Tactics to help you through events and get-togethers
  • Weekly LIVE Question and Answer sessions hosted by Noelene (remember, you can remain anonymous)
  • Support from Noelene in The Discovery Circle Community, just for members only (not on Facebook)
  • A confidential, non-judgemental and supportive community of like-minded rural women and men also wanting to change their relationship with alcohol

Just $197.00 per month


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