Rural Sobriety Discovery Circle

$197 Monthly Membership Includes:


  • Exclusive access to the Rural Alcohol Experiment developed specifically for rural, remote and regional Australians
  • A logical, step-by-step process to guide you through what you need to find freedom from alcohol
  • Access to your own easy to use learning platform
  • Videos, transcripts, writing exercises and activities to enhance your learning
  • Tools, tips and tactics that you can use anytime
  • Strategies for overcoming any obstacles that arise
  • Action steps to take daily
  • Weekly LIVE Question and Answer sessions
  • Live interaction with Noelene in the Discovery Circle Community, just for members only (not on Facebook)
  • Bonus courses, videos and resources
  • Bonus masterclasses with guest experts
  • A confidential, non-judgemental and supportive community of like-minded rural women and men also wanting to change their relationship with alcohol

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Discovery Circle is opening April, 2022.  Join the waitlist now.