Together we can make a difference in the lives of all rural Australians wanting to change their relationship with alcohol.


Rural Sobriety podcast is all about exploring the role alcohol has in our life and culture in rural Australia, without judgement, shame or guilt.

If you think alcohol may be holding you back from living the life you truly want, then join me as I share tips, tools and tactics so you too can gain control over alcohol.

We will hear stories from other rural, remote and regional Aussies, and I also share the lessons I have learned from my own 20 year dance with alcohol.

Latest episodes

Noelene's Alcohol-Free Story

Noelene shares her own story about what led her to have a problem with alcohol.  She talks about the losses she has suffered and how that led to her numbing the pain by self-medicating with alcohol, and how she finally found freedom while she was living in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.



5 Top Tips for Preparing to Give Up or Cut Down on Alcohol

Giving up alcohol doesn't have to be about sacrifice and white-knuckling your way through.  Noelene shares her top tips for preparing to cut down or give up alcohol together, before you even put down your drink.  These actions steps are vital in ensuring you set yourself up for success, right from the very beginning.