Is alcohol getting in the way of you living the life you want? Then you've come to the right place.  I'm glad you made it.


If you're waking up feeling hungover or just plain sluggish, if wine o'clock can't come around fast enough, if one beer turns into an all night session, or if you just don't have an off switch, then let's take a look at whether you are controlling alcohol, or alcohol is controlling you.

There is no judgement, shame or guilt here. You are not the problem. Your brain is doing exactly what it is designed to do. 

There is also no big city talk here either.   My coaching programs are developed for those living in rural and regional Australia and for our unique way of life.

Let me show you the real story behind alcohol and how you can find the freedom to choose how alcohol shows up in your life.

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I'm Noelene, nice to meet you!

I'm a country girl at heart, hailing from the Midlands in Tasmania, and now Iiving in the beautiful Wheatbelt in WA.

My life's been quite the adventure, with plenty of good times, but with lots of loss, heartache and just plain old tough times along the way too. 

Alcohol became my pain killer, numbing me from everything around me - the bad and the good.  I had an on again, off again drinking career spanning two decades.  I tried many times to control alcohol, rather than allowing alcohol to control me. 

Two years ago I finally found the solution.  This Naked Mind, developed by Annie Grace, has literally changed my life.

First, I read the book, and then I did a 3 month intensive program online to really expand on and put into practice everything I had learned. 

I have never looked back. So much so that I retrained as a Certified Coach so that I can help you regain control over your drinking too.

I can still drink if I want, but I simply choose not to.  That is true freedom.

How I Can Help You


Whether you are just curious about alcohol, want to take a good hard look at how much it is affecting your life, or want to give it up altogether, I have a program to suit you. 

Choose your track to a life of true freedom from alcohol.  If I can do it, you can too.  Are you ready to get started?

Discovery Track

30 days - Coming Soon

Based on The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace, This Naked Mind.

If you are questioning how much you are drinking and wondering why it has such a hold on you, then this may be the program for you. 

With 30 days of thought provoking lessons, daily journal exercises and live weekly group Q&A sessions, you will explore your relationship with alcohol and take a good hard look at the beliefs you have. 

Learn the three pillars for finding freedom from alcohol and how they can work for you too.

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Freedom Track

90 days - Starting Jan 1, 2022

Based on The Intensive by Annie Grace, This Naked Mind.

If you've tried to control alcohol in the past and had way too many Day 1's, then this is the program for you.  In a small, private and member-only group, learn the easy to understand science behind alcohol and how it affects your brain and your body. 

With me as your guide and coach, practice and implement simple strategies to control how, or if, alcohol shows up in your life.  

This program is a gamechanger and how I took control of alcohol.

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Personal Freedom Track

90 days - One-to-One Coaching

I get that sometimes we don't want to share in a group.  The reason why does not matter.  Rural Australia might be huge, but it's a community where it's easy to be recognised. 

There's no shame, guilt or judgment here. 

If you prefer to work directly with me on a One-to-One coaching basis, we can really dig into what's holding you back from living a life of freedom from alcohol.  Be prepared to do some tough work.

Click below to learn more about how working One-to-One with me as your coach can be life-changing.

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Why I do this ....

20 years ago I needed someone to lean on.  No-one came.


We lived in a small rural village in Europe.  We had three toddlers, we worked hard and life was busy, but good.  Until the day we lost our business, our house, and our land.  Then our dog died.  It all nearly broke me. 

I reached out for help, but no one came.  I felt trapped and alone, a long way from home, with no way out.  For two decades I drank to numb the emotional pain of life and all the curveballs it kept throwing at me. 

Of course I got through it, but I made a promise to myself that one day when others reached out I would be there.  I would be the person I needed all that time ago. 

It is through my own battle with the bottle, my journey to healing and rediscovering the joy life can bring, that I can now stand with my arms outstretched, ready to give you a hand.


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