Quit Drinking with Rural Sobriety

Find freedom, happiness, control and peace with alcohol - without guilt, fear or shame.

Are you ready to try a different approach?

  • If you're fed up with feeling guilty about drinking the night before and sick of the hangovers, you're in the right place.
  • If you're feeling bad about what you said or the things you've done while you're drinking, you're in the right place.
  • If you're sick of craving a drink at the end of the day and one drink turns into two, three or even more, you're in the right place.
  • if you're done with constantly thinking about alcohol and when the next drink will be, or how you can make an excuse to run into town to the bottleshop, then you're in the right place.

Now that you're here - let's get this done.


It's time to take a good hard look at the reasons you drink.

We all have reasons why we drink.  For me it was to numb the emotional pain of years of unrelenting loss.  But I didn't realise that at the time.  I thought alcohol just made me relax and sleep better. 

For some drinking is a way to manage stress and anxiety after a hard day, or because they feel they deserve it.  Others drink to forget, or to socialise easier and some drink because everyone else does and they want to fit in. 

Whatever your reason is for drinking, we will look at it closely to see if that really is the whole story, and then discover ways for you to change your thoughts about alcohol, and ultimately your habits and behaviour.


Make one change to positively affect every part of your life.

  • Say goodbye to hangovers forever
  • Let go of the guilt, shame and regret
  • Stop the self-judgement and horrible self-talk
  • Wake up every morning feeling amazing
  • Find the energy, motivation and zest for life you thought you'd lost forever
  • Sleep, glorious sleep
  • Reconnect with who you really are, the person you were before alcohol took control.

Let me show you how I took back control over alcohol, so you can too.

“You’ll never change your life until you change what you do daily.
The secret of success and happiness is found in your daily routine.”


Get off the alcohol merry-go-round once and for all

If you have tried to moderate, just drink on weekends or had a few Day 1's with no success, then you know that even the thought of giving up drinking can be totally overwhelming and seem way too hard.

My whole life used to revolve around alcohol - thinking about it, drinking it or recovering from it.  It was a never ending merry-go-round I tried so hard to get off.  I tried using willpower to quit, but that only worked for a little while and then I was back to where I started.

I finally got off the alcohol merry-go-round and started living my life again when I stopped trying to quit.  And I can show you how to do the same.

Lead a full life, be more present for your family, and have a great social life.  All without being controlled by alcohol.


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Kind Words

"I have been fortunate enough to have been coached by Noelene on many occasions. She is such a caring, compassionate and understanding coach with an intuitive ability to guide me on empowering myself with issues that have kept me stuck from moving forward in my life. Often what I thought was my problem revealed an even deeper layer which needed to be explored further, and she provided tools and tactics to help me work on these issues."

"If you want to lead a happy and fulfilling life but seem unable to get to where you know you are meant to be (or even if you’re not clear on where you’re meant to be!), I don't hesitate to highly recommend working with Noelene to delve into your thoughts and beliefs, and unravel their meanings with grace, compassion and self kindness to become free to move into a better and more peaceful place in your life."

It's not about FOMO, it's about JOMO - the joy of missing out.


Get ready to be excited about living an alcohol free life.  Show up in your life as your best self, with the tools you need to live your happiest, most peaceful life - the life you know is waiting for you, but you haven't figured out how yet.


Permanently regain full, conscious control over your drinking habits, your life, your health, your happiness and your freedom.

Build new habits without willpower


Instead of forcing yourself to cut back or give up alcohol, feeling like you are fighting an uphill battle and relying solely on willpower, I will give you a hand up, gently pulling you forward and helping you to avoid mistakes along the way.

You'll learn the science behind the addictive substance that is alcohol, how it controls your body and why it is not your fault.

You've probably tried to stop or cut back, but haven't been able to without feeling deprived, miserable or just plain fed up.  We'll explore where these feelings come from and why our Aussie drinking culture has set us up to fail, and what you can do about it.

Have you set limits around how much you drink, and then something stressful happens and suddenly you are back in your old routine, but probably drinking more than before you set those limits?  Let me show the psychology around stressful drinking and how to turn it around.

When we are gently pulled in the right direction, true and lasting change becomes possible.  As you practice your new habits and momentum builds and grows, your new routines become second nature, the old habits die and new ones take their place.


  • You happily reach for a non-alcoholic drink without so much as a second thought

  • You look forward to going out and socialising without feeling uncomfortable about not drinking

  • You regain your confidence and begin to trust yourself again

  • Alcohol becomes small and irrelevant in your life

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The Three Steps to Lasting Change

1.  Knowledge

A rational, simple, science-based approach

Learn the very simple and easy to understand science behind alcohol.  You'll also understand why you have cravings and how to eliminate them before you take that first drink.

2.  Emotion

Change your thoughts, change your emotions

Explore the intense relationship between alcohol and the emotions we associate with drinking: fun, happiness, stress-relief, friendship, intimacy and relaxation.

3.  Action

This is where the magic happens

Once you have learnt the truth about alcohol and how it affects our body and our emotions, move forward into your new life without shame, labels, pain, strict rules or without ever feeling like you are missing out.

I'm Noelene, nice to meet you!

I'm a country girl at heart, hailing from the Midlands in Tasmania, and now Iiving on the stunning south coast of WA.

My life's been quite the adventure, with plenty of good times, but with lots of loss, heartache and just plain old tough times along the way too. 

Alcohol became my pain killer, numbing me from everything around me - the bad and the good.  I had an on again, off again drinking career spanning two decades.  I tried many times to control alcohol, rather than allowing alcohol to control me. 

Two years ago I finally found the solution.  This Naked Mind, developed by Annie Grace, has literally changed my life.

First, I read the book, and then I did a 3 month intensive program online to really expand on and put into practice everything I had learned. 

I have never looked back. So much so that I trained as a Certified Coach so that I can help you regain control over your drinking too.

I can still drink if I want, but I simply choose not to.  That is true freedom.

Rural Sobriety Discovery Circle

$197.00 month

Waitlist is open now!

  • Exclusive access to the Discovery Circle Quit Drinking program developed specifically for rural, regional and remote Australians.  Work through the modules at your own pace with daily coaching support in the group
  • A confidential, non-judgemental and supportive community of like minded rural women and men also wanting to change their relationship with alcohol
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions hosted by Noelene, Accredited TNM Sobriety Coach
  • Tools, tips and tactics that you can use anytime
  • Bonus courses, videos and resources
  • We take confidentiality very seriously - option to participate and post anonymously
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Private Coaching - 3 Months

$597.00 per month

Limited Places Available

  • We start with an 90 minute intake call using Zoom, so I get to understand your unique history, your drinking habits and what you want to achieve
  • A customised individual plan with tangible goals and actionable steps
  • A 45 minute private coaching call each week for the duration of your 3 month program, using Zoom
  • Ongoing support between sessions via email or Voxer
  • Follow up summary after each call of actions steps agreed on
  • Recommended readings
  • Tactical tools and resources for you to implement and use when you need them
  • I'll keep you motivated, supported and accountable so that you stay on track
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More Kind Words

"Noelene is a wholehearted coach with compassion and integrity.  She listens deeply and ensures that you as the client always feel supported as her number one priority.  She is warm, engaged and passionate about being of service.  Through her coaching I've been guided by Noelene to reframe some of my limiting thoughts and beliefs, which has opened up new opportunities for growth and change.  I am very grateful to Noelene for her support and kindness."