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Sober In The Country and The Bush Tribe

Sober In The Country is the grassroots national charity going upstream and changing the narrative around booze in the bush.  Their mission is a future where all our bush mates know it's "OK2SAYNO". 

SITC provides a peer-to-peer online community called The Bush Tribe, to connect rural and remote Australians with a shared wish to cut back or quit alcohol.  This is not a substitute for professional support or clinical advice but a safe place to land, share and to simply begin to learn how to be sober in the country.  This is a close-knit and lovingly curated group with a non-negotiable code of conduct and ethics in place, and there's the option of anonymous posting.  And it is absolutely laser-focused on rural and remote people.

I am also in the Bush Tribe as a volunteer lived experience moderator.  I have been in lots of peer support groups, and this is my absolute favourite because of the governance and duty of care that is non-negotiable.

Apply to join the Bush Tribe via the SITC website.

ETCH Sparkling Beverages

ETCH = Every Time Choose Health

ETCH, a sophisticated range of all natural sparkling beverages crafted using Australian native fruits and herbs does not replicate a traditional alcohol style.  Andy and Jason want to challenge the idea that an adult drink has to taste and smell like alcohol to be enjoyable.  Satisfying mouthfeel, flavour, and presence and utilising uniquely Australian plants, you can feel proud sharing and enjoying ETCH and being included, during all occasions.

The ETCH Sparkling range is sugar free, preservative free and all natural (no artificial sweeteners in sight!)  The flavours are complex and interesting and will take you on a journey to experience the stunning native ingredients featured in each drink.

ETCH is the true taste of Australia and a drink you can really feel good about.

Read the ETCH story and place your order here.

Noelene and Rural Sobriety are proud to partner with

Sober In The Country and take the  #OK2SAYNO pledge.