Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Coaching And How Can It Help Me? 

Having a sobriety coach is just like having a coach for any other skill you want to learn, or master.  Just like you have a coach for football, netball, or even in the gym, I will help you learn new skills around your goals with alcohol and encourage you to practise them until those skills become second nature.  I will also help you build your own toolkit of resources and strategies that you can use at any time you need them, especially when the going gets a bit tough.

Coaching is quite different to other types of therapies, like psychotherapy, counselling or psychology, because it looks at where you are now and where you want to go.  Things that have happened in our past and our current circumstances make us who we are today, and mould the behaviours and habits that we carry with us. It is our thoughts and beliefs around these behaviours that can lead us to habits that are unhealthy or not adding to our lives.  In coaching, we look at how you see those events, beliefs and thoughts and reframe them so that you are able to leave them in the past and move into the future with behaviours and habits that you choose.

In simple terms, together we will figure out where you are right now with alcohol (when and why you are drinking too much), where you want to go (cut down or quit altogether), and how to get there.  And I'll be with you every step of the way.

Will I Get Practical Help Or Just Lots Of Talk?

Coaching is a safe space for you to talk as much or as little as you like.  What you bring to each session and the amount of work you are prepared to do on yourself will determine the results you achieve.  It's like most things, you need to put in the hard yards to see good returns, but remember, I will be there to lead you every step of the way. 

As we work through your beliefs and thoughts, particularly in relation to alcohol, you will be given practical, common-sense tips and tactics that you can implement straight away.  We will build a rock solid toolkit of strategies to get through cravings, get-togethers, work drinks, family events, doubts and fears.  Anything you have doubts about, we will find a way to overcome it.

I Don't Want Anyone To Know.  Is Coaching Confidential?

Absolutely.  One-on-one private coaching is just that - totally confidential and anything we discuss is absolutely treated with the utmost confidentiality.  I know rural Australia is a big place geographically, but it is very small when it comes to who knows who.  

I Don't Want To Quit Drinking.  Can You Help Me Cut Down?

How you want alcohol to show up in your life is up to you.   You may not even know yet what you want to do, other than find out what your options might be.  You may want to cut down, only drink at special events, or even give up completely.  Wherever you are at, we will work together to put a plan in place that is custom-made just for you.  I'll be with you every step of the way and if you change your mind down the track, that's okay too.